Before volunteering and / or attending any Patriot Guard Riders mission we encourage you to review all safety information below. Included are some potential safety concerns to be aware of; however this does not include the full scope of all potential hazards during any mission. Anyone attending an East Texas Patriot Guard Riders mission understands that they do so at their own risk. SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AT AND DURING ANY MISSION.

Funeral Processions / Escorts / Flag Line
EVERY RIDER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY at all times while riding in a funeral procession or standing in a Flag Line. At NO TIME are any riders authorized to block an intersection or otherwise impede traffic laws in any way. Only Law Enforcement Officials (LEO’S) are authorized to block and / or impeded the lawful flow of traffic.

If you choose to fly a flag on your bike you are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring it is secured and not a danger to any other rider or traffic. Your bike overall condition; including tires, brakes and lighting should be in good operating condition. It is very important for the safety of all who participate. If you see a safety issue, notify the Ride Captain at the first opportunity.

High Temperatures
It's every RIDER'S PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to hydrate prior to attending a mission. Begin drinking water the night before. Drink water when you wake up and continue drinking water all day to ensure your body stays hydrated. During this time of the season it is very important you know your limitations. Let the Ride Captain or Flag Captain know if you need a break.

"No veteran, past or present, should ever be forgotten."

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