The following information includes our group riding rules and guidelenes for the ETPGR. Safety is the top priority when it comes to riding within a group. You must understand that motorcycle group riding has its own dynamics of skills. It is very important to always arrive at the starting place on time with a full tank of gas, your motorcycle in proper working condition, and be ready to ride. The group shall leave when all riders are ready and sweep riders signal the leader.

A rider’s meeting will be held by the Ride Captain prior to every ride (reviewing routes, times, signals, placement of other Ride Captains, etc). If you are new to motorcycle riding and/or new to group riding, please make the Ride Captain be aware of this. The Ride Captain will give you the proper information and position placement within the group that will help your ride experience not only be safer and less stressful, but more enjoyable. The Ride Captain should always review lane changing and passing procedures, but always remember when you are changing lanes to:

  • Use Directional or Hand signals
  • Check your mirrors prior to changing lanes
  • Give a head check for a safe lane change

1. Alcohol (or being under the influence of any drug or medication that is mind altering) is not permitted during ride times.

2. Obey All Traffic Laws – you are responsible for your actions while on the ride.

3. Blocking traffic to allow access for the group is illegal and dangerous. Remember that a group of motorcycles is not considered a single vehicle. Be courteous and allow other vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) to enter/exit a roadway or change lanes. Always be sure to signal those behind you to slow down in the event of an entering/exiting vehicle.

4. Motorcycle riders will ride in staggered formation, always maintaining a safe distance from the motorcycle in front of you. Trikes will always form behind motorcycles and ride in single file in middle of the lane. (2-second minimum following distance is required for spacing- more if riding conditions dictate. (bad weather, etc.)

5. Maintain your position within the group; if there is a space open in the formation, just leave it.
5b) Do not pass in lane (it is illegal) and/or criss-cross to fill it. Once the group comes to a stop (traffic light, stop sign, etc) then restarts, it should be refilled with the restarting of the staggered formation.

6. In the event of mechanical failure, the group will continue to its designated stop or first safe area to pull off. The last rider and sweep will stop to evaluate the situation for further actions and inform the group ahead of actions needed (in most cases the group stays together until repairs and/or other provisions have been made). Rules for medical emergencies are similar and should be review by the Ride Captain.

7. When riding through towns or cities, the group will not stop to regroup if broken up until it is out of town or at a designated stop. If the route is not straight through, the Ride Captain should make provisions for other riders to position themselves at turns or have another Ride Captain (or rider) come forward and lead to the designated stop.

8. In the event you need to leave the ride early please let the Ride Captain know, and if all possible; ride in the rear of the group so leaving it will not cause a distraction.

9. If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to the Ride Captain.

10. Remember that Riding Safety is your responsibility and by doing so it will make the rides not only safer but fun.

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